Healing Services

1) Healing and transformation Zoom session. We explore together and go deep. We identify the root causes of your issue and I guide you through practices to heal it. Price: £85 for a 75 minute session (includes optional exploration of your astrology chart), or £50 for a 30 minute session. Book here.

2) Healing and transformation in-person session, Brighton and Hove, UK. As above but face-to-face! I am based at the majestical Uniquely Organic Ecospa, 40 Church Road, Hove. The 75 minute session includes a free personalised Findhorn flower remedy to take home, book 75 minutes. The flower remedy is available to purchase with the 30 minute session. Book 30 minutes.

3) Healing Delivery. No scheduling required! Message me your issue - what isn't working well in your life? I will explore root causes, do distance healing, provide a written response, and a guided meditation/healing activation. I can give suggestions for continuing your own healing and anchoring the changes into your life. See my Examples page for, well, examples. Contact form at the bottom of the page or email unboundedhealing@gmail.com. Price : £45.

Book a Zoom session